Nottingham classic tour – great classic cars


If you love classic cars, you should not miss the Nottingham excellent tour, one of the biggest events for old car enthusiasts in the UK. This gathering is a touring assembly for models manufactured between 1900 and 1995 in Nottinghamshire and brings together thousands of car collectors and their precious possessions. If you want to impress your sexy girl at, take her to Nottingham for a weekend of classic racing, unique speedsters, and gasoline fumes.

Registering fees

If you own a classic automobile that meets the requirements established by the organizers, you can take part in the tour. The circuit usually starts with a fanfare opening in Nottingham and ends with a grand celebration at a location that cannot be farther than 120 miles from the starting point. The registering fee for this event is £45 per car, but you can bring your escorts for free, provided they can fit in the car, and they do not mind a quick ride around Nottinghamshire.

Classic tour locations

The classic tour crosses the town of Nottingham, which is one of England’s most popular cities and an economic pillar for the entire UK. It is estimated that tourists spend over £1, 5 billion every year in this town alone. Most of the visitors come here to see the birthplace of the legendary hero Robin Hood, and to experience the exciting nightlife of the grand metropolis. They are usually welcomed by sexy escorts and beautiful models who work for the dating agencies in the area.

The classic cars

Each vehicle that participates in the Nottingham classic tour has to pass an exam of eligibility, required by the organizers. This test is meant to establish the vehicle’s true identity and history. The smallest detail, like trade plates, for example, will get you disqualified from the event and you will not get a refund of the registering fee. Therefore, you should take some time to inspect the car before you apply for the competition. Otherwise, you risk being humiliated in front of your escort when your classic car does not meet the tour’s requirements.

Vintage models and sexy escorts

There is something about classic cars that makes you fall in love with them from the very first glance. Some say it is because they belong to a different, more romantic era, while others blame it on the rugged chassis and powerful engines that were used to equip old models. Whatever the reason may be, vintage cars attract everybody, including your hard-to-please escort, who has never been in a model older than a decade.  

Get inspired by the Nottingham tour

The Nottingham classic tour is more than just a great reason to admire old vehicles. This event can inspire you to appreciate vintage models even more, and actually, invest in a classic car. Consider your financial situation and even cut a piece of the budget that you usually allocate for escorts, and buy an old car. Refurbish the model and prepare it for next year’s tour to truly appreciate this longtime tradition.