Where to find the best collections of classic cars


Every classic car enthusiast dreams of having a large garage full of vintage models. Since most of us do not have the level of celebrity or wealth to afford this luxury, we have to reserve our passion for classic car events where the best collections are put on display. If you want to feast your eyes on some of the greatest models in automobile history, you should head down to the nearest exhibit. Here are the most impressive collections of classic vehicles that you should visit at least once in your life:

The Gosford Classic Car Museum

Surprisingly, the biggest classic car museum open to the public is in Australia, and not in Europe or in the US, which is the birthplace of the automobile industry. The year-round exhibit boasts some of the rarest feats of automobile engineering in history. A visit here would take you at least three days to make sure you admire every single model of the extra-large collection. The Gosford Classic Car Museum is located just at an hour drive away from Sydney, in the stunningly beautiful Central Coast region.

The Northeast Classic Car Museum

New York is home to many famous car collectors and automobile museums. However, one exhibit that stands out among the rest is The Northeast Classic Car Museum, located in Norwich. This facility is far from being one of the largest ones in the state, but it has a unique collection comprised of some of the rarest models ever built. The museum doubles as an educational venue where younger generations can learn more about the history of vintage automobiles.

The Sarasota Classic Car Museum

Florida proudly hosts one of the oldest car museums in the world. The Sarasota Classic Car Museum includes rare models, single releases, and memorabilia from famous owners. If you want to admire some vintage cars built by Alfa Romeo or Ferrari without traveling all the way to Italy, then make this exhibit a pit stop in your journey.